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Automatic Processing

Last Updated: Nov 26, 2015 02:17PM GMT

 Process for setting up Automatic Processing 

Automatic processing ensures the properties of raw materials and formulations are always up to date and allows the impact of these updates to generate revised documents for customers.
Automatic Processing has multiple steps:

  1. Property Calculation  – The system finds Items (Raw Materials and Formulations) which are affected by changed properties and calculates the effects, often reporting new properties as a result.

  2. Revise Documents – The system considers the updated properties of items and checks if they are important for documents which have previously been generated. The ‘important’ properties are ‘Versioning Properties’ of documents and can be seen in ‘View a Document Type’. If a versioning property is changed for an item, then the system creates a new version of the document.

  3. Determine Documents Required – The system reviews the updated documents and checks if they have previously been sent to customers or other parties. The systems considers the circumstances and determines if the new version should be re-supplied. The decision to re-supply is based on the criteria in the 'document supply condition'. Supply conditions can be seen in ‘View a Document Supply Condition’ Documents which are required to be sent to the previous recipient can be found in ‘Manage Documents Required’.   

  4. Calculate Composition Costs – calculates formulation costs based on updated raw material costs

Step by step guide to Automatic Processing

  1. Go to Automatic Processing

  2. Tick the box for the process you wish to start and add the required time limit. If you select 'Start', automatic processing will proceed in accordance with the criteria set

  3. Or, click Schedule to add specific tasks and times when they should start

  4. Enter Task Name

  5. Tick the relevant boxes for the processes and the time limits you require

  6. Choose the schedule you need using options 'Weeks' 'Days' 'Hours' and fill out the times accordingly

  7. Click New Task or Save

The server (or computer in the case of Personal Edition) needs to be accessible at the times specified in order for automatic processing to run.

The following video shows you how to start an immediate process, such as 'Property Calculation' or' Revise Documents', or schedule these processes to run automatically. Video added July 2014.

Automatic Processing

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