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Printing from Formpak to a Printer

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2016 12:10PM BST
 Printing directly from Formpak to a physical printer 
1.  By default the Formpak Tomcat application server may be configured to run under the Local System account. To do direct printing, the Formpak application server needs to be configured to run under a user account. So go to the Windows Services, select the Apache Tomcat 7.0 Tomcat7 service, show its Properties, then go to the Log On tab. You should select This Account and enter the Account Id, Password and Confirm Password for a suitable account, probably the same as the one under which Formpak is installed. Then click OK to save.

2.  Install the printers under the same user account. N.B.:-
          a. The printer configuration is separate for each user account.
          b. Label printers have more configuration requirements, so it is particularly important that they are installed directly on the Formpak server, typically attached via a LAN port. Attaching to a label printer shared on another computer is not advisable.
          c. Label printers must have the appropriate page sizes, page sensing, etc. all configured and tested with a Windows Test Page on the Formpak server before attempting to use them in Formpak.

3.  The Formpak Tomcat application server must be restarted to read the updated printer configuration. So go to the Windows Services, select the Apache Tomcat 7.0 Tomcat7 service, then do Restart. After a minute or two the Formpak will be available again.

4.  In Print a Document for an Item, select a Document Type then click Select Printer. Select the printer then click Properties…. Configure the Properties, then click OK then Yes to save. Regarding the properties:
          a. Select one of the Media Size Name or Media Tray but not both – the other one should be set to ---None---. The Media Size Name is usually the best choice.
          b. If you find that your desired Media Size Name is not available to select, in spite of having been configured, then please get in touch with Formpak support. There is a bug in the Java Print System which prevents labels which are wider than taller when in portrait orientation being visible, but Formpak can be patched to avoid this.
          c. You should also select an Orientation Requested.
          d. Other properties can be set if necessary.

5.  Select the details for a Document to print then click Print to test the direct printing.

6.  The direct printer configuration in Formpak is separate for each Formpak User Id and each Document Type. So you will need to repeat steps 4 and 5 for each appropriate User Id and Document Type.

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